Earn money

This is the fun zone you can earn little money from my service,
( This is the way I say thank to all of you )

Mini Job : Add me on Facebook : Facebook.com/Liberty.X.Payza
                   Post comment there and like my status as much as you can.
                   The winner will be randomly but more comment more chance.
                   I'll contact the person I choose and ask for his/her
                   Liberty Reserve account and then I'll pay.
                   I'll pay 5 person a week and 0.10$ each.
                   Pay every Monday.
                   ( The facebook page just launch No friend yet )
Referral Job: Try to refer other to use my service. I'll give you 5% of amount
                   of the person you refer make a deal with me. But I'll give you max
                   of 2.00$ once. Mean that if people you refer exchange 1$ you'll get
                   0.05$ but if he exchange 100$ you'll get only 2.00$.
                   How this work : Mail me ( libertyxpayza@gmail.com )
                   before you bring that person to make
                   a deal with me. Below is the mail form that you must write the same it:
                   Subject : (your Liberty Reserve account number)
                   Message body : That person E-mail address.
                   When we complete the deal I'll send your share to you instantly.
Blog Job :  Post your comment on this blog say about what do you think about
                   me and then I'll choose 10 person to win a week. I'll reply your comment
                   if you win I'll ask for your Liberty reserve account then you'll get paid.
                   A person get 0.10$ once. Pay every Monday.
                   ( When you post any comment please use Your Google account )
[ More job will be add soon ]                

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